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Why charge low prices?
When it comes to our prices, all of them are affordable and budget friendly because we are a small and freelance web design agency. Also, even though that our prices are low, when it comes to efficiency and productivity, we are more ahead than others and huge companies are.

Is the website friendly to the user and search engine?
Whenever we design websites, we make sure that it is friendly to the user by making it responsive wherein the navigation will be easy and can be viewed in different devices no matter what screen size it has. In addition, the websites that we produce works within the regulations of the search engines and are always search engine optimized.

What can be expected from the prices?
We may charge low costs but you can expect that we will create a website that is unique, creative and attractive looking which will entice visitors. Moreover, we make use of up to date technologies, which help us make a website more advanced than others. In addition, if you own a small business and want to have a website in an affordable, you just found us. We are a professional and skilled company that can provide the website that will be ahead of others.

Can the website be updated by the owner?
You can update the website that we produce because we make use of the WordPress platform wherein it is simple and easy to use. You can simply log into your website then update the contents of it and include the ones that you want to put. If you are having a hard time updating, you do not have to worry because we have video tutorials made for you.

Can my ideas for the website be part of it? Can it be conveyed thru phone calls?
Yes, we do not only go into our own preference but we always ask the preference of our clients. We make sure that their ideas are incorporated in the website from the design down to the contents. In addition, we would want to keep the communication via email so that we can track and record all the ideas and transactions done. You can also call us whenever you need something to tell us.

How long is the duration for making the website?
It can take to 3 to 5 business once all the needed contents are complete.

Who is the owner of the finished website?
You are the owner of the website and have the freedom to do anything about it.

Is there a monthly maintenance?
Yes and we offer an affordable monthly fee.

Can you explain what SEO is and why it is important?
SEO is a process wherein your website will be easily located by the search engine. Having an optimized website will let your site be part of the first page of the top search results in every search engine.

What are the inclusions for SEO optimization?
If you want your website to be SEO optimized, we will optimize it by including keywords, Meta tags, headers, internal links and more. On the other hand, when your website becomes optimized and Google would determine the rank of your site, it considers the domain name and the relativity of the contents, keyword, external links and more to your website.

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